We are here.

Jonesboro Luxury Rentals is locally owned, operated and managed by longtime members of the community. We love Jonesboro and are excited to provide communities where others can enjoy making a home here.


We are proud.

We set out to create communities that we would be proud to recommend for our own families and friends. We take pride in our city and our role in it as business owners.


Meet the team

Meet Ray

Ray Osment grew up in Northeast Arkansas and is an active business leader in the community. His wife, also a successful business woman, and his two children call Jonesboro home. Ray’s business ventures flourish under his committed leadership while his family keeps him grounded. Ray believes every Jonesboro Luxury Rental property must deliver the best community in town.

Meet Don

Don Parker is a longtime lawyer in Jonesboro, AR. His experience practicing Real Estate Law gives Don a knack for creating exceptional communities. In addition to his thriving firm, Don attempts to keep up with his three daughters and his beautiful wife. His keen eye for detail ensures each Jonesboro Luxury Rental community is exceptionally managed.


Core Values

Community is our #1 ammenity.
It is why many of our why friends have been with us for years.

Convenience means we go out of our way to make life easier on you, even if that takes more effort from us.

Quality is how we define luxury, not by a price tag. Every component of our communities meets our refined standard of quality.

Our Community makes life richer for you at Jonesboro Luxury Rentals.

Convenience is knowing exactly what to expect this month and next—all bills paid.

Our Quality is why we are the choice for people who value the place they call home.